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    LNG: Liquefied Natural Gas
    LNG is the liquefied form of CNG. The storage tank pressures are much lower and the methane gas are kept in liquid form. This is manufacutred by chilling the natural gas to -162°C and maintained in liquid state in a thermal storage tank.

    The gas is stored in a very simliar nature to liquid nitrogen or liquid oxygen, at a much lower in pressure of around 350 Psig.

    The thermal capacity of liquid methane yields a much higher energy level then CNG. With pure methane, the thermal energy it yields is 2.7 times of CNG.

    With a higher thermal energy, it allows vehicles operating on LNG to extend their range between refueling. Normal gasoline that we now use at Petrol Stations is 110,000 BTU per Gallon whilst LNG is about 75,000 Btu per Gallon.

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